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Custom-built solutions designed to enhance your business's performance and reliability by our industrial servers !

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As a system integration specialist, you are all too familiar with the pain of dealing with unreliable servers, causing delays and impacting the profitability of your clients. That's where our solutions come in.

With over a decade of experience in the industrial server industry, we are dedicated to providing customized server solutions that alleviate the pain points of our customers. Our expert team will work with you to identify your unique business needs and design a tailored solution that improves your server performance and reliability.


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1U Industrial Edge Server



48-disk high-capacity storage server



Tower Storage Server


Custom Server? No Sweat!

Our expert team can customize various parameters, including processors, memory, storage, and network connectivity, to deliver the best server solution for your unique business needs.

Server System

We customize servers to suit your needs and while keeping costs low.This includes customization options for the system, motherboard, structure, and whole-server.

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We provide professional OEM and ODM services, including product labeling, manual, certification, warranty card, software installation, and more related services, free!



We build customized motherboards, cooling systems, and HDD extraction boxes to fit your brand. Improve your system with our personalized solutions.


Why We're Here!

Efficient and reliable server systems are essential for business success, yet challenges in performance and maintenance are common.

"I wish we had engaged your services earlier!" We were curious to know what symptoms led them to seek our server solutions, and these are the pains :

  • Slow server performance.
  • Downtime and server crashes.
  • Difficulty finding reliable and cost-effective server solutions.
  • Limited resources and expertise to manage complex servers.
  • Inadequate security features.
  • Poor scalability.
  • Limited storage capacity.
  • Compatibility issues with other hardware/software systems.

I'm impressed with this server solutions provider's expertise and professionalism. They've helped me overcome server performance and maintenance challenges that I never thought were possible. Their team is always available to answer my questions and provide support whenever I need it. Highly recommended!

— Leonid