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Design a server that's as unique as your business with our customizable services and expert guidance.

Build your servers your way

Empower your business with a server that's tailored to your exact requirements. Our three customizable services give you the flexibility to create a server that's optimized for your unique needs. Whether you're looking for enhanced performance, a professional look, or specific hardware components, we've got the expertise to help you build a server that meets your exact specifications.

configuration custom

Configure customized

Our product range includes over 50 ODM products divided into 7 primary and 15 sub-categories. These products offer flexible configuration options based on the YHD standard product platform to cater to our customer's specific needs and reduce hardware costs. We provide customization options for system, motherboard, structural, and complete system customization, working closely with our clients to ensure tailored solutions.

Brand customization: ODM/OEM

We offer professional product branding services, including customized product labels, logos, manuals, warranty cards, certificates, CDs, startup screens, BMC interfaces, and packaging. We also provide free software installation services and derivative services.

Component customization

Expanding your business requires more than just servers and services - it demands a strong brand image and reliable solutions that meet your needs. We offer customized services to enhance your brand's visual identity and create unique sensory experiences. Our customization services prioritize reliability, stability, and security, ensuring our products exceed your expectations.

System board

We offer customization services for IO interfaces, network interfaces, USB interfaces, memory slots, PCI slots, BIOS, and startup screens.

System board_GPU_server_IO_port_Network_port

The radiator

We provide unparalleled customization services for air, water, and liquid cooling, as well as form, structure, material, and process.


HDD extraction box

Color values or structural styles for the electronic HDD extraction box body, spring tongue, and unlock button can be customized based on the client's corporate VI or logo color scheme.


Removable front panel

Our patented design featuring a detachable front panel allows us to create a unique sensory experience for our customers by meeting the demand for differentiated product visuals while building upon our standard product models.

Y20-D6 Industry edge server
Industry Edge Server_2

Custom process

Our experts can't wait to start listening from you



It's important to identify your specific requirements for the server, including the intended use, operating environment, and performance expectations.



Our team of experts provides guidance and recommendations based on your needs, helping you select the right components and configurations to meet your requirements.



Integrate hardware or your software to meet exact specifications, optimizing server performance and ensuring compatibility with operating systems, drivers, and applications.

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