Intel dual-socket 4-GPU deep learning server | G04-C6

The G04-C6 is a powerful 4U dual-socket rack-mounted server optimized for parallel applications. It features second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable family CPUs, up to 3TB of memory, eight hot-swappable SATA hard drives, and up to four NVIDIA GPUs. The system integrates NVIDIA NVLink technology with independent GPU and CPU heat partition design, built-in BMC, IPMI 2.0 remote management, and a 1600W titanium redundant power supply. It accelerates applications and processes larger data sets, making it ideal for AI, deep learning, autonomous driving, smart cities, medical health, big data, HPC, and virtual reality.

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  • Unmatched Acceleration:
    - With support for up to two Intel Xeon scalable processors and up to four NVIDIA GPU computing cards, the G04-C6 server delivers unmatched performance and stability under the most demanding workloads.
  • Unrivaled Stability and Reliability:
    - The G04-C6 server is designed for stability and reliability, with a unique GPU cooling system and a 1+1 redundant power supply that ensures uninterrupted performance for your critical workloads.
  • Versatile Compute-Intensive Applications:
    - Suitable for a wide range of compute-intensive applications, including HPC, deep learning, GPU virtualization, graphics rendering, oil and gas exploration, and more.
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution:
    - Cost-effective solution for compute-intensive applications, with lower ownership costs compared to CPUs and accelerated processing times for heavy code and large data sets.


- 4U rack-mountable server
- Supports up to two 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
- Intel C620 series chipset
- TDP up to 205W
- Maximum support for 12 memory modules
- Maximum support for 3TB ECC 3DS LRDIMM memory capacity
- Supports single memory modules of various sizes (256G/128GB/64GB/32GB/16GB/8GB)
- Supports 3200/2933/2666/2400/2133MHz ECC DDR4 SDRAM
- Maximum support for 8 hot-swappable 3.5-inch SATA hard drives
- Onboard SATA controller provides 2 SATA3 (6Gbps) ports, supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
- Optional SAS RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50, 6, 60
- Optional 1GB/2GB/4GB Cache with power-off protection
- Two rear Gigabit Ethernet ports
- Four rear USB 3.0 ports
- One rear IPMI 2.0 RJ45 management port
- One rear VGA port
- Four PCIe 3.0 x16 slots
- Three PCIe 3.0 x8 slots
- Optional RAID, HBA, HCA, HFI cards
- Optional NVIDIA single/dual-width accelerator cards
- Integrated display chip
- Four heavy-duty fans
- Standard independent fan for power module
- Dimensions: 178mm (H) ×440mm (W) ×650mm (D)
- PMBus-enabled 1600W (1+1) high-efficiency redundant power supply (96%+ Titanium certified)
- Input voltage: 220 Vac
- Frequency: 50-60Hz
Operating System:
- Windows Server, Linux OS, Windows 10, VMware
- Approximately 55KG (gross weight)
Environmental :
- Operating temperature: 5℃~35℃
- Non-operating temperature: -40℃~60℃ (-40℉~140℉)
- Operating relative humidity: 8%~90% (non-condensing)
- Non-operating humidity: 5%~95% (non-condensing)
- Vibration frequency: 5Hz~150Hz; acceleration ≤20m/s²; amplitude ≤0.15mm
- Peak acceleration: 150m/s²~300m/s²; duration ≤11ms
- Peak acceleration: 100m/s²~150m/s²; frequency within 1000 times
Optional Accessories:
- USB keyboard and mouse

*The information is for reference only. Please refer to the actual material configuration parameters.


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