48-disk high-capacity storage server | S8-B6

This storage server supports up to 48 hot-swappable hard drives and has a massive 768TB capacity. It features dual Intel Xeon E5 processors and supports intelligent tiered storage, providing high computing power, stability, and data security. With 16TB memory and remote management functions, this server is suitable for file backup, cloud storage, distributed storage, cluster storage, and video surveillance. It is a powerful and reliable solution for enterprises with high storage requirements.

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  • Massive Storage Capacity:
    With a raw capacity of up to 768TB in a single node and support for 48 hot-swappable 3.5-inch SATA and SAS hard drives, this storage server offers massive storage capacity for businesses with large-scale data storage needs.
  • High Performance Computing:
    The server supports dual Intel® Xeon E5 scalable processors, six-channel 16TB DDR4 ECC RDIMM memory, and RAID/pass-through working modes, providing high-performance computing power and large storage capacity for businesses that require fast data processing.
  • Intelligent Tiered Storage:
    The server supports intelligent tiered storage, which automatically moves frequently accessed data to faster storage media, ensuring faster data access and improving overall system performance
  • Redundant Component Design:
    The server's redundant component design and RAID protection mechanisms ensure data security and system reliability, providing peace of mind for businesses that need to store sensitive data.
  • Simplified Maintenance:
    The server features BMC management module-based SOL, remote KVM, remote power on/off, system monitoring, virtual media mapping, and OS deployment management functions, simplifying maintenance work and speeding up problem-solving while improving system availability. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses that want to reduce their IT maintenance workload and improve system uptime.


Model: S8-B6
Operating System Support:

- Ubuntu/Linux/CentOS/Windows
CPU Processor:
- Supports Intel Xeon E5 6-core 12-thread
- Intel C612 Chipset
Server Dual Motherboard Memory:
Storage Expansion:
- Supports 48-disk SAS/SATA hard drives
RAID Card:
- LSI MegaRAID SAS/SATA RAID card - RAID0,1,5,6,10,50,60 - 12Gb/s - 1GB Cache LSI MegaRAID SAS 12GB/s 9300 HBA card + cable (choose one)
Display Interface: VGA Display
Front Panel Interface: USB3.0
- Intel Gigabit Ethernet 2/BMC Remote Management Port; Intel X520 Dual 10 Gigabit Optical Port (including module)
Power Supply:
- 1200W Redundant (1+1) Server Power Supply
- AIC 48-disk Rackmount Chassis
Size: (DWH) 710mm x 432mm x 351mm
- Chia IPFS Distributed Storage Server

*The information is for reference only. Please refer to the actual material configuration parameters.


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